following the second world war a reformative derivation of the early modernist movement surfaced materializing promptly across a concentrated faction of creational disciplines most recognizably perhaps in the fields of architectural and consumer product design. the phenomenon attributed in part and in theory to the needs and desires of a proliferative postwar population was named functionalism. a movement that was in truth fathered in preceding decades by a luminary vanguard of seers the ranks of which comprised of names like le corbusier . ludwig mies van der rohe . and frank lloyd wright but was campaigned further to the point of popular culture throughout the western hemisphere by a devout host of successors ultimately responsible for catalyzing the gilded age of midcentury modernism.

in late june american filmmaker gary hustwit (helvetica . objectified . urbanized) disclosed the outset of his latest enterprise. an exploratory account of the ongoing life and career of german design world dignitary dieter rams. as an orthodox functionalist and irrefutable symbol for modernism rams stands alone as ostensibly the first to present an itemized approach to functional modernism with his acclaimed ten principles for good design. good design is innovative. good design is useful. good design is aesthetic. good design is understandable. good design is unobtrusive. good design is honest. good design is long lasting. good design is thorough down to the last detail. good design is environmentally friendly. and good design is as little design as possible. the compendium of personal philosophies retitled forthwith the ten commandments by fanatics and contemporaries aimed to serve as guidance along the path to devising that which is comprehensively functional.

over the decades rams rendered immeasurable aid in shaping the functionalist school of design. the aesthetic of which is today well recycled though the underlying doctrine that birthed the era’s myriad reifications appears largely abandoned. a regrettable truth that rams addresses in hustwit’s objectified. "what particularly bothers me today is the arbitrariness and thoughtlessness with which many things are produced and brought to market. not only in the sector of consumer goods but also in architecture and in advertising. we have too many unnecessary things everywhere." seemingly western culture was unready for functionalism in all of its modest practicality. consequently the movement was forced underground as large commercial leaders began exploiting the genre’s visual appeal while ignoring and eventually disposing of its ideological value entirely. rams contends there is a single organizational body in the segment of consumer product design today that wholly embodies genuine functionalism. apple.

notably hustwit asserts the intent of the new film is to examine the life and career of the considerably eremitic design industry titan with an unprecedented level of intimacy through a series of one on one interviews in which rams reportedly discusses personal ideologies and accomplishments as well as new goals and old regrets.


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