humate trials.

humate photo (i).

by personal preference i am partial to nakedness. i have come to value most a chaste display of the beauty inherent of raw organic materiality in all of its just and sensible functionality. furthermore i have been entirely unaccomplished in my search for an existing readymade colorant that does not contain destructive earth altering compounds. but of course as i am forever beholden to my gracious supporters i am inclined to respect and accommodate the voice of their populace. i have received in several circumstances a request for a darker wood color option and so i have spent the last half year inside of thorough research and experimentation. alas the fruit of these studies is delivered. a safe effective all natural wood stain for white oak composed of two simple organic ingredients which in combination with direct application by horse hair brush or natural sea sponge produce a rich dark brown finish.

humate photo (i).

the following i disclose as it is my personal belief that this planet’s emancipation must necessarily come by not the hand of one or a few but instead by the hand of many and no earthen material nor combination thereof nor tool forged therefrom belongs to me or any one but is in fact borrowed from the earth itself which is the sacred vessel of us all thus is not to be hoarded but shared. the mixture is solely comprised of water and humate powder. humate powder is a raw organic product derived from the salts of humic acid which is the predominant biochemical component of natural soil less often referred to by its latin eponym humus. humate powder is a fine substance black in color and naturally water soluble as it is conventionally intended for use in the nutritional fortification of gardening soil by way of a dry sprinkling followed by rain shower.

humate photo (i).

depending on one’s chosen water to solute proportion the final solution is relatively comparable to black coffee in both color and consistency. due to the extreme solubility and considerable staining power of the humate i have found very little is required to arrive at an effective blend. personally i have attained acceptable results from ratios ranging between ten to one and twenty to one water to humate. the post application tint spectrum is part a factor of composition proportionality but also largely attributable to coat quantity. as with most conventional alternatives the more coats the darker the final finish. regarding application dry time is one notable and perhaps nonobvious advantage of the humate solution as it is primarily water and so permeates deeply and expeditiously which makes fast work of any additional coating necessary toward the achievement of one’s target darkness.

humate photo (i).

subsequent proper application and dry time allowance the stained workpiece is ready for one’s sealant of choice. all Year of None. work is finished as stated in “concept.” with an organic wood varnish by the name of “tried and true original” which is comprised primarily of a linseed oil and beeswax blend and was of course the varnish used in the humate stain trials. its performance in this capacity was uninhibited by the stain. lastly the only other specimen on which the humate solution has been tested thus far is a hard maple sample which for the most part rejected the stain or in any case took on a somewhat opaque grainy appearance with a grayish hue. however i suspect the humate solution to be compatible with other naturally darker species apart from white oak.

humate sample

admittedly fledgling in my pursuit of earthly learnedness i find already in spite of my novice stature a clarity of consciousness unmatched in influence by the product of any past channel of schooling. it is an awareness that is universally applicable and as such infinitely useful. it is both edifying and dynamic. with each new discovery i am further convinced that the power to repair all ecological brokenness is immediately accessible so long as one is willing only to look and see what has been here all along. and so i find the integrity of the human existence resides in the capacity for reverence. and in that reverence an arcane wisdom which is incomprehensibly vast and yet modest all the same. the models of the natural world are truth at the tips of our fingers. take not remissly and take nothing unneeded. for you take from yourself.


mikey kendrick

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Year of None.