the undulating flow of balance in our known universe does not compete. it is as insentient and unyielding as gravity. resisting the direction of its current is an attempt only to pass straw through stone. i believe to exist well here is to espouse fluidity and accept that time as we perceive it will be neither hurried nor slowed. after millennia of ascendency at the pyramidion of the natural kingdom we find the one great potential hindrance to the welfare of our kind is human life itself. it would seem the turned harvest of a dogged try at going the straight flat course at the expense of this vast phenomenal vessel for life to which we have shown such inattention eagerly awaits reaping. i find upon encountering disrepair one is confronted with an altogether inescapable trilemma. to mend replace or neglect. i posit we as terrestrials inhabit a severely awkward transitory space in the history of our being. having found ourselves at the cavernous depths of a gorge born by the spade of our forebears when assessing the state and value of each the many aspects of modern life we are faced with said quandary. mend. replace. neglect. as an existentialist i say to neglect the broken state of my world is to condemn my own existence. the choice then is made binary. a decision whose nature ironically indicates a substantially higher quality of complexity as in most cases requires action and the consideration of multitudinous variability. after all it is argued there are chasms too great to be bridged overnight. a notion implicit of the implausibility of the second proposition. it is true also that the planet itself is as of yet inarguably irreplaceable to its occupants. thus in certain cases necessitating sole consideration of proposition one. mend.

there are efforts underway by those who feel such an extraordinary on taking must be met with a proportionately fantastical solution. shadowed by enterprise of such dramatic scope it is simple to assume that earth’s common citizen is helpless to aid the planetary cause given the magnitude of brokenness. but efforts less known are afoot. served honorably by those who have chosen to entrust their campaign to a far more humble and creative philosophy. it is undoubtedly critical to the health of the biosphere that large scale commercial and industrial reformation and intervention be employed in order to realize the thorough remaking of the modern global economy. though reformation on a local community and individual scale is equally if not all the more relevant. it is this ideology that has inspired the genesis of a number of beautifully innovative and equally practical grassroots movements and organizations as of late. TreeEra is a canadian based eco startup doing its part to empower the individual by enabling its users to combat global carbon emission by offering a subscription based tree planting service. simply put a standard monthly subscription through subsidizes the planting of two hundred trees over the course of one year in the name of the subscription holder. cumulatively intended to offset a subscriber’s annual carbon footprint by leveraging the natural process of photosynthesis through which trees absorb and store atmospheric carbon dioxide.

global climate change maintains its capacity to incite heavy sociopolitical dissension. the true nature of its origin is a subject argued with zealous conviction across every factional divide. though as is so often the case speculative argumentation has proven a largely fruitless endeavor. nonetheless the question of the measure of contribution as a direct result of human activity is far less enigmatic. timber demand like that of other natural commodities is projected to increase with a rapidly growing human population which continues to expand at an estimated average of eighty million bodies annually. per the earth loses the equivalent of one forest the size of new york city every two days. these are the organisms that absorb our greenhouse gases shelter our earthly creatures and create our breathable air. though the global rate of carbon dioxide emission appears to have maintained a relative stasis since two thousand fourteen human fossil fuel consumption continues to produce a release of roughly nine point five billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into the troposphere each year. at this scale of output the associated co2 atmospheric parts per million continues to build steadily.

“making a lifestyle change can be difficult. i’m not ready to become a vegetarian, and as i type this i am sitting in the back of a carbon emitting vehicle heading to play another concert. i recognize there are changes i’d like to make and will with time. we’re not saying that planting trees will solve the problem. all we are saying is that by doing so we can start to make a difference.” - cofounder and musician michael bernard fitzgerald.

TreeEra has partnered with brinkman and associates reforestation limited in order to fulfill its commitment of bringing one billion new trees to the planet’s wanting forestlands. brinkman alone has planted nearly one point three billion saplings since its inception dating back less than four decades. a remarkable feat so undeniably emblematic of the influential power of the common collective. it is my belief such is directly achievable only by way of an ocean of simple acts performed by so many perfect strangers of a shared genuine sentiment. "there is something about participating. it is almost my religion. if the world is still here in a hundred years people will know the importance of participating. not just being spectators." - pete seeger.

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as part of its continuous journey toward further measures of sustainability and the development of a truly comprehensive carbon negative and zero waste production model it is with most sincere ardor Year of None. announces itself one of TreeEra’s newest faithful members.


mikey kendrick

owner + designer

Year of None.

Mikey Kendrick