furniture alone is not the object of interest. a house. a table. a chair. these are simply tools for living. a well designed tool improves a process and ultimately fashions a healthier result. a fussy tool can only create systemic inefficiencies that lead to increasingly substandard outcomes with each continued use. of course the most sacred of all design mediums is life. the nature of which is determined by the individual. a single project with a single craftsman that begins the day you are born and concludes the day you die.

so much of life happens inside the home and so much of life happens outside the home. i know that every minute i spend maintaining the things i own or worrying about the state of things when i’m away is a minute of life that cannot be spent on events of real importance. similarly an object is not functional if the object itself or its manufacturing process is poisoning my air my water my earth and the living things around me.


the task of the functionalist designer is to remove what is not utterly necessary and create something different and better with the remaining conceptual components. so many manufacturing and retail groups today focus primarily on designing products and marketing schemes that attract return customers. fundamentally my approach is the antithesis. i believe that if i do my job well a customer takes something from me and i never hear from them again. in other words the intent is to provide the one right tool that lasts a life time. of course the use and creation of which must be such that it is not disruptive to the balance of things. in this way nature is still herself and the individual is free to spend time and energy on what matters most. life.


mikey kendrick

owner + designer

Year of None.

Mikey Kendrick