darwin [a].

darwin [a].

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as its moniker suggests this form exists as an evolutionary compendium of unique conceptual components rooted predominantly in studies on functionalism and brutalist architecture resulting in an attempted paradigmatic manifestation of the likes of such design genres with a darwinian practicality centered on the incorporation of four double track sliding doors [two in front and two in back] and its modernized approach to concealed storage space that is yet both accessible and oddly aesthetic as regards a kind of specific organic futurism.


34" l x 27" h x 14” d


solid american white ash / earth and human friendly, hypoallergenic, food safe certified plant based wood finish / nontoxic solvent free wood glue

lead time.

3-6 weeks depending on order size, level of customization, and build schedule.


shipping charges are calculated at checkout. all work is crated in triple walled corrugated cardboard and thoroughly packaged and sealed with human and earth friendly packing materials.

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