occam [w].

occam [w].


the law of parsimony [lex parsimoniae], occam’s razor – a reductionist theoretical heuristic – states when weighing two competing hypotheses, that with the least underlying complexity shall be shown partiality. truth favors simplicity. the occam lounge.



27" d x 26" w x 23" h


solid american black walnut / earth and human friendly, hypoallergenic, food safe certified plant based wood finish / nontoxic solvent free wood glue / one hundred percent g.o.t.s. certified undyed organic hemp canvas

lead time.

3-6 weeks depending on order size, level of customization, and build schedule.


shipping charges are calculated at checkout. all work is crated in triple walled corrugated cardboard and thoroughly packaged and sealed with human and earth friendly packing materials.

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